If you are planning to scale up your IT infrastructure to cloud then this article is for you. But do managing public cloud services is as simple as managed shared hosting / dedicated hosting / VPS servers? Let’s have a look.

Key Questions to Consider Before Migrating

The public cloud has forever changed the way companies approach IT strategy. Because it can drastically reduce capital expenditures, enhance Read More

What is DevOps Anyway?

Traditionally the words of software development, testing (also known as Quality Assurance) and the IT infrastructure needed to support such activities (often called Operations) were separate worlds. The developers would write code based on requirements they were given, testers would test the features based on the same requirements (hopefully?!) and the IT staff would provide the computers, networks, and software needed by the two other groups to perform their activities. They would also be in charge of providing different environments (development, test, staging, production) that could be used by the development and testing teams. Read More